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THE WENDESTEIN – its functions

The Wendestein....

The Wendestein Nugget fulfils three functions: in the first place, it is a protector and talisman. Secondly, of all stones said to have a therapeutic effect, amber is one of the best known. Finally, it aids you a situation which you would like to alter.


Amber is first mentioned in history among the Celts, where it was honoured as a protector and talisman. In various cultures, be it among the Australian Aborigines or the native inhabitants of Africa, today – just as then – a talisman remains an absolute necessity. It gives these people a feeling of safety, protection and security.

To know that someone you love, or you yourself, are protected and in safety is not just a calming feeling, but gives us the strength to live everyday life better and more positively.

Thus the Wendestein is a companion, taking care you reach your goal in safety, and ensuring that you go through life well protected.

Healing stone!

A belief in the effect of stones can be traced back to the Ancient World.

Of all the stones said to have a therapeutic effect, amber is one of the best known. The therapeutically warming effect of untreated amber in illnesses such as osteoarthritis, allergies, asthma, skin and digestion problems, and much more, has been known for thousands of years. It absorbs pain, thus giving the body a chance to find its balance again and to heal itself. After they had placed the Wendestein under their pillows, a significant proportion of test subjects reported that they slept much better and faced the day more positively.

The Wendestein as an anchor.

There can hardly be anyone in the world who does not want something to be changed, whether it's their job, their partner, their health, or many other things. To attain one's goal – change – and not to lose sight of it, the first thing you need is discipline and determination. On the other hand, you still need a constant companion to remind you of this goal of change. Whenever you are about to stray from this path, the Wendestein in your trouser pocket, or worn round your neck, is the anchor, the "post-­‐it", to turn your thoughts to your goal again.

Thus it is a constant comrade, helping you to create a positive change through positive thinking.