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About Us

Since our firm was founded in July 2007, WENDESTEIN has been engaged on what is surely the most fascinating product in history. Created some 50 million years ago from the viscous and finally hardened resin of the amber pine, which was excreted by the trees to close their own wounds in the wood. Natural amber – Wendestein.

Untreated natural amber is a witness to the life of this ancient geological period. An unchanged piece of nature which, for millions of years, has carried within itself the elemental forces of nature as pure energy.

The WENDESTEIN fulfils three functions:

In the first place, it is a protector and talisman. Secondly, of all stones said to have a therapeutic effect, amber is one of the best known. It is an aid in life situations which you would like to be different, changed – reoriented. Time for change.

With the Wendestein we can give people an anchor, support their hope, and give them a feeling of not being alone.

All these characteristics of the Wendestein imbue their wearers with new courage and give them fresh energy, so they are no longer in the rear, trying to catch up, and not even level with the rest, but at last are firmly in the lead.